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Sampled Writing


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An essay I wrote on my first-hand experience in the Israel-Hamas war detailing my heartbreaking decision to leave, political perspectives, and ultimate belief in the State of Israel.

"An excellent, straight-to-the-gut essay." – Lisa Barr, New York Times bestselling author

"A heartwarming and heartbreaking piece." – John Podhoretz, editor at Commentary Magazine, former US president speechwriter, & author

"[The] writing was vibrating tip-to-toe with that hot-blooded and raw will to live as a Jew. It's like a blessing and curse, that people like me can only marvel at." – Michael Brendan Dougherty, Senior Writer at National Review

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A personal essay I wrote detailing my experience playing American football as the only girl on my high school's team, published by the Today Show.

"A must-read article." - Dr. Jen Welter, first female NFL coach.

Website Content

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Explore Felician University's enrollment-driven landing page for traditional undergraduates.

Felician_ Logo_11.17.15.jpg

A landing page/microsite for Felician University's Occupational Therapy program.


Discover the website content written for Partouch Concepts, a NYC-based industrial design company.

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This entire website was written from scratch for this emerging yet highly successful alternative investment fund.

Articles & Press Releases

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A ghostwritten article on diversity, equity, and inclusion training for the New Jersey Institute of Technology's corporation, NJII.

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An article written for the president of Felician University.

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A ghostwritten blog post on behalf of BioCentriq's CEO to provide a mid-year review.

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A press release announcing the opening of BioCentriq's newest facility.


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Collateral Material

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Affordability Post Card

A post card promoting Felician University's affordability and pushing to apply.

Felician_ Logo_11.17.15.jpg

A brochure detailing Felician University's School of Business and Cellebrite's Digital Marketing certificate program.

Felician_ Logo_11.17.15.jpg

A brochure detailing Felician University's School of Business Corporate Entrepreneurship certificate program.

Felician_ Logo_11.17.15.jpg

A brochure detailing Felician University's School of Business and Cellebrite's Cybersecurity certificate program.



A 2021 ad in the Willowbrook Mall to increase adult student enrollment.

MSN - Family NurseAdult Gerontology.png

A 2021 social media ad to increase enrollment in Felician's Master of Science in Nursing program.

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A branding ad to familiarize the community with Felician University.

Screen Shot 2021-10-21 at 11.58.47 AM.png

An ad to boost attendance to a Graduate Open House at Felician University.


A short promotional video offering fast facts to generate interest, inquiries, and applications to Felician University.

A short video to drive attendance to Felician University's Undergraduate Open House in 2021. This advertisement was placed with Pandora radio.

Social Media

The following are organic social media posts serving a variety of purposes, including driving attendance to events, informing people about Felician's programs, and providing facts about Felician University.

Academic Writing & Research


My undergraduate honors thesis on the nature of surviving the Holocaust.


An essay analyzing Maimonide's cosmological argument through the lens of Kantian critique.


An essay on the ways in which Jews managed ti resist their Nazi oppressors during the Holocaust.

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