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I have experience writing in a diverse range of genres, subjects, and styles, all of which you can explore below. You can also preview a highlight of my writing process, so you can see how your finished work comes to fruition.

Website Content. Websites are the new first impression. 

If you want to make lasting impression, allow me to create the content that will lay the foundation for your success. By gaining a thorough understanding of the identity and mission of your company, I am able to turn your website into a vehicle of communication that appeals to readers who can choose to quickly scan, thoroughly investigate, or moderately browse for information. 

Articles. Well-researched and well-written articles are critical in every discipline. If you would like to publish or release an article to convey certain information, a particular idea, or an opinion, I can help you effectively communicate your message. 

I can adapt my style of writing, tone, and diction to produce the highest quality article that achieves its purpose. You can feel confident that the research I incorporate into articles is credibly sourced, thoroughly analyzed, and used with utmost discretion.

Blog Posts. Successful blog posts require a number of things: time to continuously generate ideas, research, and write posts; time to edit and incorporate visuals; and the ability to empathize with different audiences. 

I combine a variety of skill sets to produce visually appealing, informative content that is thoroughly researched yet digestible to a general audience. 

Creative Works.  It is not always so simple to tap into the creative energy that writing requires. I am here to connect with you and tap into that energy, so that I can produce a creative writing piece that encompasses what you'd like to express. Be it travel writing, food writing, perhaps a bibliography or even fiction, I can work with you to achieve creative works that are mutually satisfying for you and your audience.

Writing Process

Consultation.  I begin with a preliminary consultation to understand what you need and how we can best collaborate. I communicate with you throughout my entire writing process, asking questions and exchanging ideas. I am also available to you at anytime to answer questions, give updates, and show the progress of my work.

Research. The research process is the most important and extensive part of my writing process. Whatever project I am working on, it is thoroughly researched and supported with facts that are indisputable, leading to strong and effective argumentation. Having been formally trained in philosophy, this is my specialty. My research includes studying credible sources, interviewing necessary people, investigating cultures and disciplines, and ultimately getting to the true core of the subject matter. You can feel confident that whatever writing you receive from me is credible and sound.


Drafting. Drafting is an essential part of my writing process. By incorporating what I gain from my continuous client consultations and research, I am able to significantly develop my writing projects in each draft. My writing follows the Pareto Principle (80/20 Rule) with 80% revising and 20% writing.

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