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"As the CEO of a large company, I need to be able to deliver content to my clients and readers often and in a succinct fashion. This does not leave me much time to read and re-read my articles and marketing documents as I should. Abby allows me to spend more time doing what I do best: research and execute my business model. She is the best editor I’ve ever had. If you are looking for someone who can learn your business and make you sound smart, Abby is your person!"

-Doulas Muir, CEO

 Muir and Associates

Working with Abby was a pleasure. She was very accommodating and professional. We hired her to write our whole website from scratch and we couldn’t be happier with the result. The content was so well written and portrayed everything we wanted. This was a sensitive project that Abby executed wonderfully. Thank you, Abby!

-Ben Partouch, Founder

Partouch Concepts

"Abigail made my ideas concise and translated them into fluid pages to help my viewers understand my product and offerings. She was very helpful in articulating my ideas so that they would be effectively expressed to my audience and help boost interest in my business. Her work has increased my business by helping customers gain an in depth understanding of my offerings and to evoke excitement, bringing them to decide to purchase my product and attend my classes."

-Rebecca D., Founder

Spirit Handpans


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