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I have served as the proofreader for a diverse range of writing projects​, such as professional and business writing, scholarly writing, creative works, website content, advertisements, and more. With an eye for detail, I am able to detect the final changes necessary for a writing project to reach perfection.

The Final Touch. Proofreading your own work is particularly difficult after you've already spent so much time working on it. I'm able to give your writing the benefit of a fresh pair of eyes.

No matter what discipline your writing belongs in, I can ensure you that I will proofread your work with scrutiny and accuracy. If your business report, thesis, article, or even poem needs a final review, I'll provide you with all necessary grammatical corrections and appropriate verbiage. I can also ensure the tone is consistent—an effect that satisfies every type of audience.

I offer quick turnaround time, so even if you are working on a last minute basis, I am available to help you succeed.


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