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I have experience editing an extensive variety of works, including professional and business writing, articles and blogs, scholarly works, creative writing, and website content. You can read about these offerings and review my editing process below.

Professional & Business Writing. When editing professional work of any kind, I make sure to familiarize myself with the conventions of that particular discipline. By knowing the ins and outs of jargon, style, and formatting, I can ensure that your piece is scripted to perfection.

I edit professional and business writing of any kind, including but not limited to: articles, blogs, memos, reports, white papers, etc.


Website Content. I can provide you with insightful edits and suggestions to ensure that your website effectively displays the face of you or your company. I help clients bring their website to its fullest potential by offering suggestions on content structure, terminology, grammar, and even aesthetics. 

I am also able to help you maximize your website's Search Engine Optimization (SEO). By understanding your audience's wants, needs, and language, I utilize and write with keywords and focused content that boosts your SEO. By doing so, we ensure your online presence is visible and active. 

Scholarly Works. Having been formally trained in philosophy, I am adept at researching, analyzing, and arguing. I am able to read scholarly works, understand the best way in which arguments and evidence should be worded and structured, and point out any fallacious argumentation. The result is sound, cohesive work that effectively communicates your message.


I also ensure that your scholarly writing is free of grammatical errors, that only credible sources are referenced, and that proper citation conventions are used. 

Creative Writing. When editing creative work, I engage in a sort of dialogue with you as my client. I tune into what you feel, why you are conveying your message, and I pay close attention to your audience. This allows me to detect the most effective style and structure that the writing would benefit from. 

I ensure that your writing is grammatically correct. However, creative writing demands a certain degree of flexibility with grammar. Sometimes the most effective way of conveying a point requires grammar usage that defies grammar conventions. As an editor, I can tell you when that defiance is effective and when it confuses the reader.


Editing Process

Consultation. I consult with you from the beginning to end of my editing process. My goal is to enhance your work and help it reach its highest potential. By way of constant communication, we can understand each other enough to bring your writing to a level that satisfies both you and your audience.

Research. By researching other work in your field, I can better determine the most successful way of conveying your message. Doing this allows me to confidently and accurately suggest changes that would benefit your work, and I utilize only the most credible sources to help guide my decision-making process when editing.

Editing. When I am done with the first draft of editing, you will receive a marked up version of your work with tracked changes and we will discuss the changes I made.

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